Saturday, October 30, 2004

Thanks to Rand for directing us to this open letter.

Friday, October 29, 2004

From the Weblog of Tomorrow comes Useless Speculation

"Bush told us he "looked into Putrin's soul" and found a man he could trust."

What do the comments recall about Putin and Russia via Iraq?

"Anyone else remember the photos of the MIGs our troops dug up in Iraq?"
"Don't forget that the Ruskies sold Saddam some GPS Jammers to try to foil our JDAMS."

"...during the battle before the fall of Baghdad that a M-1 got zapped by what the experts were saying was a new kind of RPG." I remember reading that it made a pencil sized hole.

"...a Russian "diplomatic" convoy got shot up trying to run to the Syrian border right as the war started up."

I also remember reading somewhere that Russian generals designed the defense of Baghdad.

This is the endgame in a real worldwide game of Risk except that each nations armies are not of pure color. We need to defend from enemies both foreign and domestic. One of them is running for president.

When you play the game of risk with good players, you often have to play one enemy off against another. I think the Russians and the Chinese are both better at that than we are. Our advantage is our friends... Oh, that and being the only superpower left... for the time being.

BTW, When playing Risk, the progressive army rules should be used with kids and the combinatorial rules should be used with adults.

My only question is, why is Risk more popular than Kriegspiel?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rand links to an article regarding the Bush administration rethinking the outer space treaty.

If the U.S. were to acknowledge claims to extraterrestial property rights, this would have the effect of financing the settlement of space.

I am such a dreamer.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Very well said, a must read.

I've felt the need for 5 minutes myself when I see the dancing in the street.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I found Stolen Honor to be riveting.

I wonder about those that can ignore this issue.

Just because I haven't posted anything in a few days...

Take it here.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Surely the media wouldn't try to game the system? Please folks, keep the critical mail to a minimum... his pleasure to post is our pleasure too... don't ruin it.

Are the newsrooms listening? They disregard at their own peril.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

When I read something like this, it occurs to me that a cure to "...American investigators, who are continuing to work their way through the records of Saddam Hussein's regime at a snail's pace..." would be to simply put all documents on the internet and let bloggers do the translating.

Yes, everybody wants to keep secrets and who knows what might be in the documents... but this is America; what (of the truth) do we have to be afraid of?

Friday, October 15, 2004

A really good point about the result the craving of power above all else can have.

"Democrats are ... trying ... to destroy the Republic in order to rule it."

In the comments, Frank Martin makes this keen observation... "How do I know the Dems are losing? Because they are working so hard to delegitimatize the results,even before its happened. you dont do that if you are winning, becasue you shoot your self in the foot."

Extrapolating from Mike M's point: "...the Democrats and the liberal media have to be convinced that such tactics won't get them back in power." After the election, it's pretty important that the Feds identify and severely prosecute as many of those involved in voter fraud as they can round up.

Cathy says, "I am a moderate independent who will be voting for our current president this year." Why? She lists a number of blatant double standards worth noting.

The Bostonian suggests googling "voter fraud". I did and came up with this gem.

BTW, that last gem illustrates the lie that "both parties do it". No, it's not a literal lie, because to some extent, yes, some members of both parties do attempt it; but, which party always seems to be most involved in this type of behavior.

Just passing through says, "The left is rejecting and gaming the political process itself. The most vocal and strident component of one party has determined that because the process refuses to favor them by maintaining their power over the conduits of political thought, the process itself must be wrong. It's a short step to rejecting the process entirely."

Oh, and a list of voter fraud reports.

I'm still reading all the good comments, I've gotten thru about half of them...

Dan echos my thoughts when he says, "...the liberals have spent the last forty years allocating more and more power toward the judiciary and away from the electorate and now seem inclined in this election and in the future to make the elections themselves judicially determined. It doesn't bode well for the Union."

Bottom line, a lot of people are probably going to be voting straight ticket this time out.

The Drudge Report article.

Finnegan sums up the opposing viewpoint, "Rethuglicans crying foul cause we ain't gonna take your crap anymore." ...along with the usual yammering about the 2000 Florida election. Can't they make an argument with substantive points and minus the name calling?

Finally, Hugh is worth quoting in full...

"This is one of the best online discussions I have seen in ages.

I have been a long time political volunteer and activist. And while I have seen occasional news accounts of political misconduct by R's; the vast majority of this type of behavior appears to be committed by D's.

I am an attorney and I have a healthy amount of experience representing government agencies and defending their actions. I watched the 2000 Florida recount with awe...Kathleen Harris appeared to be following the advice of very good legal counsel and following it precisely. I was shocked at what the Florida Supreme Court did...they completely ignored the law regarding the deference to be shown to determinations made by administrative agencies.

The subsequent actions of the Dems in Florida, and later New Jersey, convinced me that the party leaders are playing a dangerous game with our nation's political process. They do this with the total confidence that the MSM will not report on their abuses.

The Dems' freedom to act without consequences has only made them bolder. Eventually, they will go so far that the public may become aware and the MSM may be forced to carry the story (a small example of this already occurred with CBS, Rather, and the forged memos). Maybe...but it is also possible that the public may never notice.

I still have Dem friends who are convinced that Bill Clinton was one of this nation's best presidents even though they have a hard time pointing out any significant accomplishments coming from HIS own ideas.

In closing, the Reps are not totally innocent, but almost all of the abuses we are seeing are coming from the Dems. It is reaching the point where our Republic is in danger...the approach being taken by the Dems could lead to a disintergration of the political process in our country."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

3rd debate transcript.

Although I saw the debate, I find I get more out of the transcript.

Beat'n by Cheat'n. Tit-For-Tat no longer king of the hill (if you modify the rules.)

Kerry, less than honorable. What? That's news? It would be if the media were doing it's job.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I've read better satire, but Zell has got a point.

Yeah, Baby! We now know what was under Bush's jacket.

Via instapundit

"After the November election, a lot of people are going to wonder why it was that anyone ever thought that Kerry had a substantial chance of winning." SDB said this in July and I've believed this all along as well. Kerry seems transparent as glass to me (he reminds me of my cousin Raymond) and I can't see how he could be running such an even race with Bush even given the Presidents occasional gaffs. It's frightening actually. Hopefully there is time to turn around the educational system which breeds such a lack of critical thinking (critical as opposed to nuanced!)

SDB does analysis, good analysis, and I hope he does decide to write at least a monthly article... he is terribly missed.

Via Ed Driscoll

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I had a choice... listen to the debate or to my wife. I didn't think the debate would be offended so I turned it off. My wife still does not realize that some things are important to me while most things are not. Probably because I'm not so important?

If Paul Begala says 'Close, but Kerry...' I've got to believe that Bush won by a wide margin.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

According to Wikipedia the launch costs of the space shuttle are about $500 million.

Yesterday, SpaceShipOne won the $10 million x-prize using a private investment of about $10 million. Sounds like they've already come pretty close to break even. So I'd guess the launch costs of SS1 aren't very much in comparison.

Rutan has plans for an orbital vehicle... So would $50 million be about the right size for a 'to orbit' x-prize? Where do I send my ten bucks?

Update: Well I found out... and the offer was a month ago... It's so hard to keep up.

"Last month, Las Vegas hotel magnate Robert Bigelow announced a $50 million prize to the creators of the first privately funded spaceship to reach orbit."

Monday, October 04, 2004

Simple rules for correcting blog errors from the master.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The staid Wall Street Journal makes the compelling and substantive argument that John Kerry is a Butthead.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Finally found the Bush / Kerry debate transcript.

When I saw it, I thought Bush fumbled and Kerry did pretty good... but then I read the transcript...

Kerry: I have a better plan... [repeated without substantive argument.]

Bush: since that day [Sept 11th], our nation has been on a multi-pronged strategy to keep our country safer. [Followed by 1/2 dozen substantive points.]

We've upheld the [Bush] doctrine that said if you harbor a terrorist, you're equally as guilty as the terrorist.

The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice. [Disputed point]

Bush: People out there listening know what I believe. And that's how best it is to keep the peace. [Listening: the process of turning sound into thoughts.]

We have a duty to defeat this enemy. We have a duty to protect our children and grandchildren. [Spoken by a person that seems to understand honor and duty.]

The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That's why they're fighting so vociferously. [No kidding.]

Kerry: ...smart means not diverting your attention from the real war on terror in Afghanistan against Osama bin Laden and taking if off to Iraq where the 9/11 Commission confirms there was no connection to 9/11 itself and Saddam Hussein... [This reacurring theme demonstrates his profound lack of judgement. Kerry is outsmarting himself if he thinks the American people don't understand that terrorism around the globe is connected and must be defeated everywhere. This nation will not go back to sleep until the war is won.]

I would not take my eye off of the goal: Osama bin Laden. [Exactly, Kerry is an idiot. ...as if terrorism would end if we just stuck OBL's head on a pole.]

Kerry [proving that militarily he's an idiot] Unfortunately, he escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora. We had him surrounded. But we didn't use American forces, the best trained in the world, to go kill him. The president relied on Afghan warlords and he outsourced that job too. That's wrong.

Kerry: He also promised America that he would go to war as a last resort.
Those words mean something to me, as somebody who has been in combat. Last resort. [Yeah, they mean only if my political career hangs in the balance.]

Kerry: ...he's got 10 times the number of troops in Iraq than he has in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden is. [uh, Pakistan?]

Bush: He also said in December of 2003 that anyone who doubts that the world is safer without Saddam Hussein does not have the judgment to be president. [too polite, Mr. President. Needed to hit this point with a bit of emphasis.]

Bush: Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming. [oh, but if we talked nice to him some more, wouldn't he have... just ask Kerry]

Bush: ...we've got the capability of doing both. [going after OBL and Saddam] ...to say that there's only one focus on the war on terror doesn't really understand the nature of the war on terror. [pound that nail.]

Bush: He [Prime Minister Allawi] believes, like I believe, that the Iraqis are ready to fight for their own freedom. They just need the help to be trained. There will be elections in January. We're spending reconstruction money. And our alliance is strong. That's the plan for victory. [This is leadership and good judgement]

Kerry: The president just talked about Iraq as a center of the war on terror. Iraq was not even close to the center of the war on terror before the president invaded it. [Correct, it's called flypaper... or stratigery? Nice place to be logistically to deal with other terrorist nations, no/yes? Oh and the idea that the war on terror HAS as center is quite telling. Does the surface of a globe have a center? Perhaps we need to develop the technology to fight at the Earths core?]

Kerry: ...he rushed the war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace. [Ah, I see the problem... Kerry is confused... you don't win peace... peace is what happens after wars are won... well, when the good guys stay the course and win them that is.]

Kerry: You don't take America to war unless have the plan to win the peace. [No, that's air traffic control where you don't take off until you have a landing clearance. Peace comes when you destroy the enemy or his will to fight.]

Kerry: You don't send troops to war without the body armor that they need. [Chappaquiddick... oops, I meant 87 billion.]

Kerry: ...we got weapons of mass destruction crossing the border every single day... [STOP THE PRESSES... did he really say that?]

Bush: I don't see how you can lead this country to succeed in Iraq if you say wrong war, wrong time, wrong place. What message does that send our troops? What message does that send to our allies? What message does that send the Iraqis? [yup]

Kerry: I will succeed for those troops, now that we're there. [I? Senator? Isn't it the troops that do the succeeding with American support? Where's your support for the troops? Oh yeah... I, John Kerry, support the troops! I said so! I really do. I even write my own reports about it.]

Kerry: That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there. [wrong]

Bush: I don't think we want to get to how he's going to pay for all these promises. [After long list of empty Kerry promises. How do I know they're empty? A career politician said them.]

Bush: ...the best way to protect this homeland is to stay on the offense. [The best defense is a good offense, my dad used to tell me. Someone must have told him too.]

Bush: ...the best way for Iraq to be safe and secure is for Iraqi citizens to be trained to do the job. [any questions?]

Kerry: I believe our troops need other allies helping. I'm going to hold that summit. [To summarize... Bush, Iraquis defending themselves; Kerry, quagmire where we talk 'em to death.]

KERRY:[Are Americans now dying in Iraq for a mistake?] No... [so is it the right war or the wrong war, Senator?]

Bush: My opponent says we didn't have any allies in this war. What's he say to Tony Blair? ...to Alexander Kwasniewski of Poland? You can't expect to build an alliance when you denigrate the contributions of those who are serving side by side with American troops in Iraq.

Bush: You cannot lead the world if you do not honor the contributions of those who are with us. [Are you listening Senator? In your hunger for power, do you care?]

Bush: I think you can be realistic and optimistic at the same time. [Certainly true]

Kerry: ...we all know that in his state of the union message, he told Congress about nuclear materials that didn't exist. [So they don't export yellowcake, Senator?]

Kerry: I believe that Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy, and the others did that more effectively, and I'm going to try to follow in their footsteps. [I knew RR Senator. He was a president of mine... and you're no Ronald Reagan!]

Kerry: [Everything you can do] I can do better. [Everything I can do better than you. No... You... Can't...]

Kerry: I have a [secret] plan for Iraq. I also have a [secret] plan to win the war on terror... [...and Bush has a secret plan to draft your kids using no republican support of two democratic bills.]

Bush: I'll never turn over America's national security needs to leaders of other countries, as we continue to build those alliances.

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