Monday, March 29, 2004

Iraq zone...Hired Guns
Another interesting read.

Thru the dead zone...Chernobyl
This is a unique article to say the least. It's 27 pages of photo documentary that will leave you contemplative.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Be careful what you wish for?

While the hope of the Focus Fusion Society sounds wonderful, but I wonder where they get this number... "The struggle to maintain control of fossil fuels, especially oil, has led to continual wars and millions of deaths." - Look under statement of purpose.

They say..."The successful development of Focus Fusion Energy will eliminate the environmental destruction of fossil fuel use, free the world economy from the crushing burden of high energy prices and eliminate the continual wars aimed at maintaining control of oil resources."

All sounds wonderful, eh? What happens to these oil exporting countries that haven't really developed anything else to export (except perhaps terrorism?)

I do hope they succeed, but leave the politics alone, will ya?

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The sum ain't zero
One of my pet peeve's, that has existed since before I was a teenager, was to read some idiot write that the stock market is an example of a zero sum game. You've got to know that these fools just like the sound of the phrase and have no idea what a zero sum game is. Usually when using this phrase in reference to stocks, they say something like, "when one person sells and another buys, one loses and the other wins." This is a total crock of b.s. Winning and losing is only determined when a stock is sold, never before. So when the buyer finally does sell the stocks he bought, his winning or losing is independant of whether or not the earlier seller won or lost. There's no sum to zero, the stock price could trend in any direction at all. They could both have won, lost or whatever, and the amounts would always be unrelated. Now if either buys or sells at an extreme price, then they could influence each others potential profit, but this has nothing to do with zero sums.

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